indesore sweater ltd
indesore sweater limited is a modern sweater factory equipped with the latest and branded machineries from China, Taiwan, Japan, U.S.A, Italy, Turkey and U.K. The Bangladeshi sweater manufacturer’s shares in global market are steadily growing in the wake of success of the ready-made sweater and also ready-made garments sector. indesore sweater limited is also willing to compete in the global market to provide high quality sweaters to the buyers and achieve its desired goal. More over indesore sweater limited wants to prove itself as a well-designed and well equipped sweater factory in Bangladesh, with skilled workers and relaxed working atmosphere.

indesore sweater limited ensures a healthy and breathing environment to its workers, staff and the buyers. Safety and quality a high priority for factory management.

This unit comprises of qualified and skilled workers with expert technicians. The units are running with progressive management techniques and effective employee programs. indesore sweater limited also will provide advanced training to its staffs for productivity as well as modern and better quality products.

indesore sweater limited produces high quality sweaters to European and American countries.