who we are?
Indesore is an organization of a highly motivated, disciplined and trained team members who obstinately trying to serve clients and associates. Our services touch every aspect of textile and garments manufacturing domains to real estate constructions.

Since we started our journey in 2005 we are amongst the fast growing corporate groups in Bangladesh with an annual turnover of USD 100 million business collaborations with Europe.... more
how we grow?
Indesore was founded in 2005 and since then we have pursued an unstinted path of growth despite national and international competition. With the bricks of inveterate faith in ourselves was laid the foundation of Indesore Group, and we have since then built an industry where a bright future is churned out every moment we breath. We have brought prosperity to our investors, security to our employees, and productivity excellence to our customers and business partners and followings are the milestones of Indesore Group till today... more
social responsibilities
Community responsibility is integral to the way we do business. A healthy, vibrant community ensures better standards of living. Humans are gregarious by nature and we grow up in our respective communities. If our community is stagnant, we stagnate too. With our holistic approach towards social, spiritual and intellectual well-being of communities around us, we make sure that wherever we have, we help the community. We build long-term relationship with people who come into our contact. At indesore... more